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          Silvia Perramon Rubio

        Silvia Perramon Rubio



Silvia Perramon Rubio grew up in Madrid, Spain, and then she moved to Barcelona to attend the University, where she received her degree in Architecture, and met her husband, architect and fashion designer Eric Turro ( After both graduating, they moved to New York, where she starts her specialization in Embroidery and traditional handmade couture techniques.

She attended the Bead Embroidery and Design Studio in Lexington KY of Robert Haven to certify in Tambour Beading and other forms of couture embroidery used in the Haute Couture ateliers in Paris. 

In 2013 Silvia and Eric Turro begun the brand ERIC&SILVIA, designing and making all the clothes by their own in the Studio at New York City.

She founded Atelier SILVIA PERRAMON in March 2014 fascinated by the handmade and the 3D models after her architectural education. During this time she also collaborated with studios and designers all around the world: India, USA, Spain and Italy.

Currently she is freelancing for brands and at the same time organizing lessons to teach Lunéville technique by her own and as a guest at Parsons School of Design in New York. She recently moved to Milano, Italy, to start a new adventure in the couture world.